Your DIY Website Project To-Do List Might Be A Little Too Long And Very Daunting (And Unnecessarily So)

I’m here to give you simple, quick, and low-cost things to do on a weekend to create or improve your website… and be your own Weekend Web Pro until you’re ready to hire one.

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Most business owners want to create or improve their business website, but don’t know where to start and might not be ready to hire a pro. There are some common foundational steps you need to take before you even consider hiring a Web Pro. The steps you take now cost you a little bit of time and can save you a lot of money and frustration later.

Download my Website Starter Guide to get started now. You should be able to get through the steps within 60 minutes or less. My goal is to make sure this is a weekend job for you. Download the guide for more detailed instructions and information.  Good Luck! 

For an even quicker quick start, I’ve provided my Top 6 Starter Steps right here on this page.  Keep reading.  


Make a Website Project Plan & Budget

The best and most affordable website projects begin with a plan.  Good planning is where you’ll have the best opportunities to prevent overdoing it and overspending too. Starting a project brief will help you think through the things that have the most impact on the time and money you’ll need to complete your project.

Download the Website Starter Guide workbook now to begin your quick project plan.  Completing this workbook is a pre-requisite task if you plan to attend on of our upcoming LIVE virtual workshops.


Research Your Domain Name

Sometimes you just need help with figuring out if the domain names you like are available and make sense for your project. You should begin your research in the right place and thats usually best done on websites that DON’T also sell domain names. Download the Website Starter Guide to learn more about how to safely research a domain name.


Buy Your Domain Name & Web Hosting Package

In order for your website to be live and available on the internet, it must be hosted. My top pick for Web Hosting is Michigan-based A2 Hosting*. I have several reasons for preferring to work with them, but the most important is their top-notch customer service team. The support is very responsive and always helpful. You get free email addresses for your domain too!

*I am an affiliate of A2Hosting and will receive a modest referral compensation when you use the provided link for your web hosting purchase.  You should also know that I have been using A2 Hosting long before becoming an affiliate and recommend them because of their reliable and timely support, backups that just work, and affordable prices.

Purchase a Premium Website Design Theme Template

My favorite for theme to use for designing WordPress websites is Qode Interactive’s Bridge* Theme.

Purchase a Premium Theme Builder

To start customizing your web pages design, you will need a theme-compatible Page Builder. Our favorite is the popular Elementor*.
*I am an affiliate of Elementor and will receive a modest referral compensation when you use the provided link for your purchase.  You should also know that I have been using Elementor’s Page Builder long before becoming an affiliate and recommend them because they provide all of the pro widgets I tend to use often when designing websites. They also provide great page templates that saves me tons of time on laying out and designing websites.  I have reclaimed so much of my weekend time with this tool and I want you to be able to do the same.

Install WordPress

This is the point where most people want to tap out and get a pro involved simply to install WordPress and help with putting all of the above tools/services to good use. Thats why every Friday, I have a live workshop to walk you through how to setup WordPress and a few other things to get your website up and running quickly.

I’ve been making websites for businesses of all types and sizes for 20+ years now. I specialize in giving small business owners the advice, plans, and tools they need that fits the budget they have (versus the budget they wish they had).
If you’d rather skip the DIY part and jump straight to working with a Weekend Web Pro, complete my pre-consult workbook and book a consult call soon.
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